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A Vimeo video with quite a few of the Starkids.

I literally have no clue what I just watched.

I’d seen a bunch of images from this but never found the actual video! This is a performance piece meant to be commentary on the social class structure, with the classes defined by their placement in the room as well as the variations in the shades of green. Surreal and chock-full of dikrats and friends!

why did Julia remove Summertime? I haven't seen it, do you have a link to it anywhere by any chance? :D

Summertime was never up, as far as I know. She did put The Last Days of Judas Iscariot up - a few times, actually, trying to get it through under different names - but was asked to take it down for copyright reasons. Which is a shame, because I’d really love to see it, especially Darren - all the pictures and behind-the-scenes stuff I’ve seen of him look amazing.

I do know of at least one person who managed to watch it before it was taken down - lucky!!